Our Story

A mutual friendship which stems back to our early years forged a strong relationship as friends and now business partners.  We are the co-founders of Darcy & Grey and we took the plunge to indulge in our new business which has been in the making for many years.

Darcy & Grey wasn't born out of a whim, we have spent many hours discussing and checking out an array of products over the years.  Similar to our customers we have lusted over and splurged on designer items and have also picked up nifty bargains.  We have bought the expensive fads and regretted not spending enough on the staple items, so with that in mind we have carefully selected our product line.  

We have sourced our products with the following criteria, that we are only interested in working with people who are similar minded to us and who are producing genuine quality products. We are not about having the site cluttered with competing products but would rather have unique, quality pieces displayed, which are keenly priced.  We have been very a la carte in our selection process.  Opting for products that will conquer more than one purpose.

We both come from creative backgrounds and share a great interest and love for the arts, fashion and design.  This has greatly influenced our tastes and buying.  It has been a journey but we are now ready with passion to deliver through our online store.

Darcy & Grey's product offering is a blend of fashion accessories, homeware and giftware which is easy accessible to purchase online.

Edelle & Sacha