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The change in weather has us here at m-use thinking about our autumn/winter wardrobe. Due to our unpredictable weather you never know if it’s too early to start bagging and putting away the summer clothes and start embracing autumn. Being somewhat organized in the past, In haste, I have put away the beach/holiday clothes and then an Indian Summers Day surprises me in September and back I trot to unpack some suitable attire.

It’s inevitable that the autumn will kick in and it’s necessary to have the essential items on the ready. Weeding out your wardrobe is a task that has to be undertaken so the best thing to do is pencil in an evening or a day at the weekend that you are free for a couple of hours. Take the sting out by popping on some music, grab a bottle of water/glass of vino as its thirsty work, light a candle and persuade a friend who you know has the conviction of Simon Cowell and get weeding.

Guidelines to Weeding the Wardrobe:

Relevant pieces for the weather

There maybe four seasons in a year, but to be honest, in Ireland it’s really only two. We dress for a very hot day or a very cold day. Autumn/Winter we start sliding back into the jeans, long sleeve tops. Light jackets start to make an appearance back into our wardrobes. Stringy or short sleeve tops can be bagged away but I would keep out the black, white, grey as they are great basic pieces that serve well for layering. All summer clothes should be tidied away till next year. (Vacuum bag, spare wardrobe or storage box).  

m-use suggestion - a wardrobe must have is one of our cosy cashmere blend ponchos, pair it with our classic hoop earrings and silver/blue star bracelet.

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Quality over Quantity

Buy pieces that have a multi-use. Spend your hard earned euros on items that will give you the most return. As I have said in a previous blog, don’t spend big money on fashion pieces that will come and go. Invest in quality pieces. During the sales, buy classic pieces e.g. good black court shoes, belts in black/brown with silver/gold metal finishes. A good quality white shirt which can be styled at any time of year. A little black dress will take you to any event by accessorizing it with the latest trend.  

m-use suggestion - An equal balance of silver and gold accessories will pull your look together.  Treat yourself to some classic earrings.  m-use offer you classic studs in both gold and silver.

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"It will be perfect when I loose a few pounds"!

A familiar line to every woman who has ever lived. Seriously, if it is there for more than six months it is never getting an outing. Let it go, let it go, let it go. Give it away. Also our body shape changes, so dress for your current shape.  

m-use suggestion - Don't loose ££££s, secure your money with one of our Elizabeth wallets.  Available in a variety of colours.

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Sentimental/Memorable/Charity/Designer Pieces

This is probably similar to the “It will be perfect when I loose a few pounds” line. I’m quite sentimental and understand keeping a little memento or two but sometimes it’s bordering on hoarding. I can understand why people keep their Wedding Dresses as these are one of a kind and hold many memories but a dress you wore when you where twenty to a black tie event is not going to ever see the light of day or evening again. I'm guilty, as I still have the top and jacket that I wore the night I met my now husband. Some items should be kept but for everything else why not pass it on, have it altered example - http://thezipyard.ie/store-locator/, bag it and donate to Charity or if it’s of value sell it onto a preloved designer shop example - Siopaella https://www.siopaella.com/, Designer Exchange https://www.designerexchange.ie/.  

m-use suggestion - I'm partial to a designer bag but don't have the budget to buy in every colour.  Our m-use bags are affordable and the metallic colours will work hard with every outfit.

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Orangise your clothing by season. Some pieces will overlap (we do live in Ireland). Always essential to have a rain jacket, long sleeve top and a hoody handy. We are heading into autumn at Concorde speed. Shorts, bikinis, short sleeve/stringy tops, light coloured and cotton dresses and skirts will have to be put away. Jackets/Coats/Occasional Wear if you can should be put into a separate wardrobe with easy access. These are pieces that you don’t need on a day to day. Only keep items in your wardrobe that you can easily see, store or hang.

  • Essential Items – jeans, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, blazers, trackies, and trousers, active wear.
  • Work wear – trouser/skirt suits, dresses.
  • Occassion wear - LBD, dresses, jumpsuits, and outerwear.
  • Active wear – yoga/pilates wear, running gear, etc.
  • Nightwear – pj’s and nighties (whatever is your tipple).
  • Underwear – lingerie (everyday bras, underwear, fancy underwear sets), socks, tights (barely there, and opaque tights),
  • Shoes – court shoes, sandals, runners, trainers, flip-flops, heels, boots (ankle & full length).
  • Bags – clutches, shoppers, messengers, beach bags, laptop bags
  • Accessories – belts, scarves, jewellery

m-use suggestion - Stay organised with one of very handy notebooks, it's so cool it holds a pen/pencil and mobile phone!

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Piles (Keep, Pack, Repair, Clean, Donate, Sell) 

This requires a good measure of honesty and ruthlessness.

Keep pile – relevant pieces for the current season.

Pack pile – pack away for the following year.

Repair pile – bring to your local alterations shop. Black & navy jeans sometimes need to be refreshed with a machine dye to bring the colour back to life. I generally throw in other items of the same colour that need refreshing too.

Clean pile – bring dry clean items to your local professional dry cleaners so that it’s ready to go for your next occasion. Some delicate items can be refreshed on a delicate cycle on your machine, if in doubt bring to the professionals.

Donate pile – If you got some wear out of it but have tired of it, pass it on to a friend, family or your local charity shop, somebody will be delighted with their new wear.

Sell pile – We have all splurged on a Designer pieces, but if you no longer have a requirement for it, sell it. Plenty of preloved shops popping up who would only be delighted to lighten your load and buy your unwanted treasure.

m-use suggestion - Don't forget your sharpie, black bags and stickers!


Does it give you joy? Do you feel good in it?

We are creatures of habit, returning back to clothes that we feel good in, skinny in and that are comfortable. When weeding be honest and truthful, you are only fooling yourself. If you spend a lot of money but it was a foolish buy just let it go. We are all guilty of an impulse buy.  

m-use suggestion - Our gold and silver necklaces/bracelet can be change your look by adding a heart/star charm!  I wear mine differently each day and love them.

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 Essential Weeding Tools

To do a job well you need the right tools, I have listed the essentials to keep you wardrobe in order.  All these items can be picked up in stores like https://www.primark.com/en-ie/homepagehttp://www.tkmaxx.ie/http://www.ikea.com/ie/en/http://www.argos.ie/http://www.heatonsstores.com/

  • Velvet Hangers,
  • Scarf Organiser,
  • Accessory Organiser,
  • Shoe Organsier,
  • Storage Boxes/Vacuum Bags
  • Lint Roller,
  • Sewing Kit - Needles, Threads, Buttons, Scissors, Dyes,
  • Black Bags/Charity Bags


I hope the above information helps you on your way to a clutter free wardrobe.  It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it, good luck!


By Edelle Mellett







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