Love is in the air .....

Are you Valentine’s Day ready?

At Darcy & Grey we are happily waving goodbye to January and all its blues. We welcome February with open arms and Spring is just a month away!

February, the month that is synonymous with love, hearts, roses, chocolates & cards, with the perfect excuse to shop, (not that we need one). At Darcy & Grey, we have pulled together some Valentine inspired items that lean toward pink and heart-shaped items. With love in the air, why not treat a gal pal or someone special in your life with a gift from our gift ideas or send on this link to your significant other-half, if you want to put him out of his misery and make his shopping experience for YOU easy.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Will you mark the occasion or hide under a big duvet until the day passes?  In our house, with little people, celebrating Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning. Homemade cards are presented and enveloped with uneven printed words and graphics of stick people holding crooked hearts in blue pen, lol. Romantic dinners with bubbles are a distant memory. Secretly, I love the fact that my husband gives me the same card he bought a number of years ago and sticks a 'post it' in it with a funny sentiment, he thinks it’s hilarious!  What started as a joke now has become a tradition, the card is still in the cellophane wrapping. So we don’t really celebrate the day in the traditional way.

However, I do buy a gift for my Mum, it’s an opportunity to show her my love and appreciation and this small gesture means a lot to her. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be lovey-dovey and gushy and gooey, it can be used to celebrate the love for someone special that’s unromantically associated that might not be communicated on a daily basis.  So why not treat a loved one with a gift from Darcy & Grey.

Through the centuries Valentine’s Day is cloaked in history from saints named Valentine, pagan celebrations and birds begin mating at the start of February. Today, we are living in a generation that sends an estimated one billion (minus my husband’s recycled card) Valentine’s Day cards each year, with women accounting for the purchasing of 85%. We are a romantic bunch thanks to Esther A Howland who began selling the first mass-produced valentines in America. So however or with whoever, you decide to celebrate the day be prepared with our gift list.

Pink – to make the boys wink!

If you are thinking pink, why not check out this wallet, “Hermes” inspired, this beauty holds your money, cards, mobile and even a password (just in case you get whisked off to Paris). If pink is not your thing it is also available in a selection of colours.

Say it with flowers!


Say it with a bunch of flowers or one single flower picked from the garden and display it on your kitchen table, side table or hall console.  Heart vases available in small, large or hanging.  

Wear your heart on your sleeve!

Display your love with this stunning heart shaped bracelet and necklace.  Worthy to be worn as a stand alone piece or layered, your choice!  Check out our range of heart shaped jewellery pieces that can be mixed and matched.

Who's the boss?

Have some fun with our 100% leather cases in a selection of plush colours and attach some fun stickers to personalise your phone.  Reinforce your status with 'Like a Boss' and let people know you mean business!

Make memories!

We are all snap happy with our smartphones always at the ready to take that perfect insta snap.  Why keep them stored away on your mobile, download them and display them in these beautiful coffee table books.

Wrap yourself in love!


Maybe you have somebody to wrap their arms around you but if not or you just want to stay stylish and cosy, our cashmere blend toggle wraps are a handy accessory for wearing in the home or when out and about.  They fold neatly for your handbag and are versatile to wear with any look.

Time for Love!

Elie Beaumont watches are the perfect accessory piece for staying on time and on trend.  Available in silver and rose gold mesh options or in a range of rich leather colours. 

Candles, Creams & Body Butters 


We are delighted to add our new Candles, Hand Creams and Body Butters to our family.  Our Candles are derived from a natural plant wax material using the finest blends of quality fragrances.  These eco-friendly candles use cotton wicks.

Our Hand & Body products are made with natural ingredients and are free from sulphates, parabens and use high-quality fragrance oils.

Sold separately or as a gift set.  (Gift Set - including hand cream, body butter & candle, presented in a gift box).

Filling up the cup of love!

Stay filled up with water with these perfectly sized BPA-free lightweight stainless steel bottles. Urban Bottle is the ultimate solution for your healthy and comfortable hydration on the go.



If is your middle name, why not treat someone you love with one of our vouchers and let them choose something special that they will love.  Available from €10.

Whatever you end up doing on the day of love, have fun!  It costs nothing to tell a loved one(s), those three little words but what you get back it worth millions!


By Edelle Mellett

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