Trick & Treat Yourself!

Decorations are packed away for another year, like a quick sweep of a broom, Halloween has come and gone.  This year wasn't too hectic and I really enjoyed all our small visitors, especially the teeny tinies in their pint size costumes and their overflowing pails.

Thankfully my plan to only dish out jellies worked a treat as I didn't feel tempted to tuck into the bowl.  However, I did eat a fair few fun size bars.  They don't really count as they are just slightly bigger then the 'hero' sweets, very few calories, lol.  It has been a sugary month between one thing and another and I keep saying i'm going to be good on Monday and by midday my start date moves to the following Monday and the process repeats.  

Instead of beating myself up, I'm going to flip it on its head and say from now on I will be treating my body to all the good foods and reduce all the crappy foods.  I'm going to make an effort to increase my pilates workouts.  I love pilates it is a great body strengthener and I find it quite relaxing.  You don't lose weight but you certainly tone up.  I find when I'm exercising I eat better and sleep better.  

Peeps, it's only 7 and a bit weeks to Crimbo so I'm going to use a piece of jewellery as my incentive to get into shape.  I wear a few pieces of jewellery from the Tutti Collection almost everyday but I'm coveting a piece or two from the Rachel Jackson Collection.  Why not jump on board and give yourself a goal and reward with a item from m-use.  Have a browse though our website, select an item and use it as an incentive either to get fit, lose weight or to get a job completed that you have been putting off.

Here are a few products to help you get going or to reward you for all your hard work.

Get Active

Pull on one of our cosy 50% cashmere blend hoodies and get walking.  These are ideal for throwing on over your sweat pants and hitting the gym.  If you look good you feel good.  Start as you mean to go on.  I'm practically living in mine and I theme it with jeans, sweatpants or leggings.  Trainers for comfort or ankle suede boot for a more dressed up look.

| Sweaters |

Gym Ready

Get your sweat on!  Don't forget to take a towel for wipe downs or for your after workout shower! Don't forget your water bottle and wallet, stay organised with one of our 100% leather shopper bags.

| Bag | Towel |

Stay on Track 

On the go, treat yourself with a coffee or herbal tea in one of our 'keep cups'.  Tick off your 'to do list' or stay on track by writing down your goals and incentives with one of our nifty little notebooks.  These are beautifully designed and feature a soft dotted pattern instead of a line.  They come with a very useful elastic band designed to hold a pen and mobile phone.

| Cup | Notebook |

Make Scents

Flowers or candles or both!  Treat your senses to some freshly cut flowers in one of our glass heart vases or light a candle and let these naturally poured candles fill your room with rich natural scents.  This really works to help you sleep and feel relaxed.

| Vase | Candle |

Time Out Treat

The gift of time is actually my most coveted thing.  We are all so busy with work, kids, friends and family.  Hop on your sofa or bed and snuggle into one of our fluffy throws and rest your head on one of our cosy cushions.  Flick on an old 'black and white' movie and let all your troubles dissolve or grab that 'must read' book you have promised to give time to and let fantasy take you away.

| Cushions | Throw |

Keeping motivated can prove difficult at times so why not choose from the above selection of treats and incentives to help keep you on track in achieving your goals.  Once this blog goes live I will need to stick to my plan or I will have to eat my words!  Enjoy the rest of your week, be good to yourself and have a super weekend!

By Edelle Mellett

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