The Summer Suitcase

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Today is the 1st of June and so the holiday season is getting closer and the pressure is on to be prepared before the schools break for the summer holidays.  At m-use, we have put together Holiday Essentials for your bag and a The Summer Suitcase Packing List.

The Summer Suitcase brings back memories of childhood.  I remember, just as the weather was starting to heat up, my sisters and I would be at my Mum to get the summer clothes out. After a lot of pestering we would wear her down and she would relent. We would follow her up the stairs and pile a couple of unsteady items on top of each other and she would climb into the attic and out would come The Summer Suitcase. Once that case was opened, out would pour all the memories and smells from the previous summer. My two sisters and myself would strip right there and then on the landing to our bare nothing and squeeze our bodies into clothes. Some of them no longer fit, which sometimes brought disappointment as the item of clothing would have been our favourite outfit or it would bring joy that we no longer had to wear the outfit that made us feel like a baby. Clothes would be thrown into two piles ‘what fits’ and ‘what’s too small’. This was shopping and recycling all in one go. I loved that time and now I’m experiencing it with my own two girls. My youngest feels grown up wearing her big sister’s clothes and for me remembering events that my eldest daughter went to in them.

Now, The Summer Suitcase is the case that I most love to pack as this is the one that I take on my hollyhocks. It really takes a lot of planning as I could have a dress with three to four pairs of shoes in the same colour but with different heel heights. When we holidayed in France and took the car, I would bring everything. Now restricted with air travel allowances I have had to pack smartly. Our holidays are family ones so much more casual with outfits consisting of beachwear. I pack in my head thinking that I’m hitting Cannes and spending a week on a yacht (wishful thinking), also thinking I have the body of a Supermodel (he-he). I still pick up outfits with that body in mind. One day my legs will grow.

I have pulled together a few images for your Holiday Essentials and a Packing List for The Summer Suitcase.

Below you can shop some of the featured items from the Holiday Essentials.  Happy shopping & holidays!





By Edelle Mellett


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