The Summer Scarf Salad

The sun is trying hard to come out, but you have to be quick and prepared for our one hour Irish summer. Scarves are a simple way to inject a bit of colour  Forget your five-a-day, here at m-use we have put together five scarves with not a hint of green in sight!

These unique scarves from m-use are trimmed all the way with a small pom-pom puff. The fabric is extremely lightweight and super soft creating a very casual look. These scarves have a multi-use purpose as they double up as sarongs for trips to the beach or pool.

Keeping it simple with items that most everyone has in their wardrobe.  We have put together the following two outfits.

#Outfit 1:

#Outfit 2:

Did you know that back in Ancient Roman times, a scarf was used to keep clean not to keep warm or as a fashion accessory.  It was called a Sundaripum, meaning "sweat cloth" and used to wipe sweat from the face and neck in hot weather, no fear of that happening here anytime soon.

Have fun styling!


By Edelle Mellett



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    Love these scarfs

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