The School Congre-Gate!

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Hopefully, the summer was kind to all you hard working Mums. No matter if you are a stay-at-home or an out-of-home working Mum, the summer proves to be extra hard work with trying to juggle child-care, summer camps, play dates or fun days out. It requires a lot of planning regardless of your circumstances. The school year, while full on with after school activities, does help shape the day for us all. It gives us the opportunity to get work done in a guilt-free time period.

Here at m-use we are looking forward to having a bit of more structure on our working day. We are super excited to be heading off on a few buying trips and bringing back more accessories and building on our current collection. But before all that fun stuff, we are nearing the first day back at school. Our kiddies are back next week, so it will be absolute fun and games (carnage) next Thursday morning, trying to get them all up and out to school. Generally, the first day back, the kids are excited about going back to school to see their friends but by Friday, the novelty has worn off.

I’m sure you are super organized and have the school uniforms ready to go, stickers on every item of clothing or anything that has legs that could walk out of their school bag.  Fun times in the lost and found area!

Not sure about anybody else but I do find having a Monday to Friday uniform helpful when trying to get out the door early. Active wear/gym wear for those go slow mornings. Hair scraped back, a suck on a toothbrush and an oversized pair of sunnies solves huge wardrobe decision-making.  On days that I have to venture out into the outside world but want to be comfy, I generally lean towards good outwear and this solves a lot of problems - concealing a mismatched outfit or dare I say the pjs.  Then there are the good days that I just want to wear something nice and just dress up.  On those particular days when I have made an effort and feel good my house usually ends up the victim. On days that I am wearing my gym gear is usually a good day for my neglected house. It's hard to have a day when the hair is looking good, nails are manicured, make-up is streak free and all clothes are matching and house is tidy.  Still striving for that day, I live in hope!

I have pulled together a few pieces of clothing and accessories that should help with those crazy, time poor mornings!

That's a Wrap!

Check out our cashmere blend ponchos or our toggle wraps.  These cozy wooly overlays are a fantastic piece to have in your wardrobe. A long sleeve top of any colour, jeans or trousers and boots and like a good breakfast you are set up for the day.

| Snood | Toggle Wrap | Bag |

A little bit of Olivia Inspo!

| Toggle Wrap | Earrings |

Tie a knot in it!

The trench coat or long line cardigan is a great cover up piece that covers up a multitude. Pop one of our m-use scarves on your neck or bag, pair of jeans, trainers or flats.

| Scarf | 

| Bag | 

Arm Candy

Don't forget that coffee morning date, keep on time and on trend with one of our Elie Beaumont watches. These watches are a perfect colour and look good enough to eat!

| Watches 


It's an expensive time going back to school.  Our Elizabeth wallets are perfect for holding your money, phone, receipts and your list of payouts.  The only problem our customers have is choosing a colour and because they are affordable and durable they usually opt for more than one colour.  The accent of colour will add the finishing touches to your outfit.

| Wallets 

A Gym and Tonic!

The get shit done outfit!  Whether it's a workout in the gym or gutting the house for the hundredth time, this is the closest attire to your pjs.  A poncho after a hot Yoga/Pilates class and our Hava bag will hold your water bottle, towel and gym mat comfortably.  No excuses!

| Toggle Wrap | Bag

At m-use we would like to wish the best of luck to all the first time Mums (and Dads) dropping of their first borns to school or pre-school for the first time.  It is a very emotional time and a really special day.  Don't forget the camera and tissues.  We raise a cup of coffee to you all.  Let the fun and games begin!


By Edelle Mellett

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