The Mary Poppins of Bags

If Mary Poppins was in the market looking for a bag, the Hava bag from m-use is the updated version of her infamous carpet bag. As a child, I was fascinated with how much her bag possessed, especially the lampshade! Now as an adult, I’m obsessed with bags. I have to bring the kitchen sink with me. I am a Bag Lady. I have bags for bags, a bag in a bag, I have transparent bags in my bags, I’m constantly swopping bags, true story! The Hava bag from m-use is enormous but has a slouchy posture with two straps which are designed to wear on the shoulder and tucks under your arm neatly. It is made up of soft fibres of fabric which relax into the shape of a slouch when set down.

It is a must have for the summer and holds all the essentials required to make a pleasant trip on a day out. If heading off to the beach it is roomy enough to hold more than one towel, wallet, magazine or kindle, water bottle, sunscreen and a partridge in a pear tree!

Style Tip: Pair this bag with a white t’shirt, grey relaxed trousers with a rolled turn up hem, biker jacket or cardigan with an oversized scarf, white tennis shoes or converse, choose either grey, blue, red or sand hava bag from m-use and you are stylishly set for your day out.

TheMaryPoppinsofBags-HavaBags-M-useby Edelle Mellett


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