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I’m no fashion guru or writer like Anna Wintour or Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex in the City, but I do share one thing in common with these forces to be reckoned with in fashion, a love for stylish clothing.

Fashion comes and goes and is changing as quick as the speed of light. Zara the powerhouse behind design on the catwalk to delivery onto the shop floor is a lean mean mega machine. Fantastic for consumers who don’t want to wait for their latest fashion fix but I find it a little off putting that everything is so readily available. I liked the times of predicting the next fashion fad.

So what’s the difference between fashion and style, “fashion fades only style remains the same” - Coco Chanel’s famous quote. Fashion to me is like a hot new Club, follow the general rules and you are in. Style is the VIP section of the club, The VIPs bang their drum to their own beat. Fashion is exterior dressing that matches with what’s trending on the outside. Style works from within and radiates out, expressing your personality. Basically, Fashion relates to clothing and style equates the person.

I think it’s important to remain true to your own style. I’m inspired everyday by people and how they wear or choose what they wear. I like to hop on and off the fashion train, sometimes it’s hard to keep up to speed with it. So it’s taken me to my forties to balance my books and with the theory that on staple items high investments equals high returns. I’m a mathematician when it comes to the workings out of rate per wear and percentages with my spend to wear. “That’s an investment piece right there” cracks people up, especially my husband.  Now, I step away from fast fashion and false economies and I’m investing in style. At m-use we are about buying good quality pieces and refreshing them with accessory pieces that can take a look from casual to a dress up event. Capsule wardrobes are key, sticking with what works for you.

Fashion items should require little spend as they come and go so quickly. Stylish items are key pieces that you can rely on like a reliable friend. If exercise is your thing, spend money on good workout clothes. If you dine out a lot spend money on smart elegant pieces that take you to a lunch or dinner event. Stay at home Mum’s , comfy clothes that make you feel smart is so important. If you are lucky enough to have energy to hit the tiles on a Saturday night fashion pieces all the way because by next week fashion is onto something new.

Fashion is like an untamed animal, you think you have it under control and then it bolts and you are on catch up. You can never keep up with it. So take the lead and pave your own path, walk your own walk in style. French woman are the essence of elegance, so I have put together 8 outfits with overlapping items which can be bought high street or designer. Also I have included some m-use pieces to show how versatile they are.




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By Edelle Mellett


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    Thoroughly enjoying your blog each week. Keep up the great work, both of you, xx ?

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