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On Tuesday, it was a little like Christmas morning. Storm Ophelia came and went and gifted the kids a bonus day off from school and for the adults a surprise delivery from UPS.  The door bell rang and up the driveway arrives the UPS guy with boxes addressed to m-use. The UPS van really is like an ice-cream van for adults. Knives ready for action we ripped open the boxes. I don’t know who was happier the adults or the children.

Perfectly packaged inside, lay the most beautiful photo albums, 100% leather phone covers in a stunning palette of colours and accessory stickers in pu leather that can be applied to personalise your mobile phone.  These stickers add a bit of fun to your phone case but can also be applied to jackets, trainers, t-shirts and other wearable items.

Coffee Table Photo Albums

Your favourite photographs should not be hidden in a drawer.  Instead print them and put them on display on your coffee table using these clean-cut albums.  They look like a box and open and close to the side with the use of a magnetic strip.  Inside is a three ring binder that holds 30 black sheets of card.  The cards are A4 in size. All you have to do is attach your photographs with adhesive tape or adhesive glue.   The opposite side of the album box is a beautiful abstract print.  These make for a wonderful gift for a friend, family member or just for yourself to house your special memories!

#1 - Family etc.

| Family, etc photo album |

#2 - Friends and Things

| Friends and Things photo album |

#3 - Life in Pictures

| Life in Pictures photo album |

#4 - Good Times

| Good Times photo album |

 "The best thing about a photo is that it never changes, even when the people in it do"
Andy Warhol

Mobile Phone Covers

Say goodbye to the phrase "Is that my phone?".  Say "Hello" to mobile phone cases in 100% leather. Plus a series of expressive stickers that puts a personal twist to your mobile phone.  Being unique has never been easier.  These stickers are beautifully designed and are packaged so neatly that they are an ideal gift to pop in a Christmas Stocking, as a fun Kris Kindle gift or pop in the post for somebody special on their Birthday, to let them know you care.

Like a Boss Sticker

| Like a BossiPhone 6 case |

WTF Sticker

| WTF Sticker | iPhone 6 case |

Men are from Pluto, Women from Saturn - Planet Sticker

| Planet Sticker | iPhone 7 cover |

Check out the full range of stickers and phone covers under accessories.  Here are a few ideas as to where you can also apply these cool stickers.  Get creative people! 


We hope that the above helps to get you off to a good start with your, (dare I say the "C" word) shopping.  The count down is on!  Have a wonderful week and stay safe with our unpredictable weather!

By Edelle Mellett

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