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When you look through your wardrobe what are the dominant colours? We all need the basic colours for creating an outfit. Do you have colour? When I look into my wardrobe I see a lot of black, white & grey. Oh, hang on, I also see navy too. All black equals elegant and mindless thinking. Navy is safe. Grey works with a lot. You can’t go wrong with black & white, monochrome makes such a statement. Accessories facilitate a neat way to introduce colour into your wardrobe.

When I shop I’m generally drawn to a colourful top and tend to buy it in black, even if the brighter coloured version is nicer. I think it's because I’m overcompensated on the top half of my body, (really, I must have been at the top of the queue when those things where being handed out and returned for seconds.  Like in Oliver, “please Sir, can I have some more?”).  Due to my top area I have always opted for darker colours. I’m striving to opt for brighter/lighter colours.

Green is the Pantone colour for Spring/Summer 2017. At first glance, it appears an unlikely colour to match but it delivers and compliments a vast palette of colours. This shade is revitalizing and fresh. It’s symbolic of new beginnings, rejuvenating, energizing and revitalizing. Green is nature’s neutral, connecting us with nature. If you look into your garden or a floral display you will see that green is the prevailing colour and provides a strong background to highlight its flora of pinks, reds, oranges and blues beautifully.

I have created four looks with this seasons colour, using accessories pieces from m-use.

Keep this look sharp with crisp whites and cool this vibrant
green down with metallic silvers and/golds. Rosegolds work equally well too.

Screaming sophistication with hazelnuts & black.

Rev it up with orange Flame adding zest against green and introduce some silver to keep it cool & sleek.

Hints of plush colours like Dogwood on a backdrop of green add a soft romantic feel to an outfit. Introduce soft metals like pewter colours to your look.

Style Tip - Neutral outfit + pop of colour using m-use accessories eg. scarves, wallets, wraps, bags.  A Colourful outfit + neutral accessories from m-use eg. rosegolds, silvers & golds.

No right or wrong way to wear your outfit, be true to your style and have fun!
By Edelle Mellett

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