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Interior dressing is quite similar to fashion dressing. We package and present ourselves in a certain style, our houses are an extension of our style. There is a distinct overlap between fashion and interior design.   Fashion has a strong influence on interior design. Colour trends are evident and run in the same direction. Whatever your style choice, we are bombarded with terms like Minimalism, Contemporary Eclectic, Scandinavian, Traditional, Shabby Chic, Mediterranean, Industrial.

When I bought my first house, the interior trend was walls white washed in magnolia, wooden floors, black and white prints, cubed and geometric styled furniture. This was a fresh change from patterned carpets, dark drapes and a mantle piece full of dust collectors. Trends moved onto Shabby Chic to a New England/Hamptons/Scandanvian style. No matter what your style a few little tips are useful to bear in mind when dressing your house and using accessories.

Interior Design isn’t an exact science, when designing a space you need to bear in mind that design is an organized arrangement of the following basic elements:


The creator of illusion and sets the mood. Apply colour to your walls and use contrasting colours to accent with cushions, drapes, rugs and accessories.

| Baskets |


The overall shape of an object. Geometric or organic. Geometric are square or rectangular shapes. Organic shapes are curved or have a softer, rounded or natural feel.

Line Shape

This implies direction or boundary of an object such as natural break of horizontal lines in flooring. Floorboards need to run in the direction of length rather than width to create the illusion of depth and space.


This is the bulk of an object that occupies space such as a large sofa, large painting or a sideboard.


The touch and feel of matter such as leather sofa, fluffy cushions, wool throw, silk curtains, wooden floor, etc.

| Natural Cushions | Studded Cushions | Throw |

When looking at Interior Design it is important to look at your house in its totality. It is the continuity of style and theme that runs from room to room linked with hallways and stairways. Colour is usually the starting point and plays a huge part when designing a space. Find a colour shade and recreate that colour in lighter shades in darker spaces, then you will have the same palette of colour throughout the house. Grey is very in at the moment, “Fifty shades of grey”, you have warm greys and cold greys. Warm greys usually contain a pigment of greens and browns and cold greys have hints of blues. Grey can be used as a neutral colour and works extremely well with plush pinks, midnight blues, whites and creams. The correct shade can add warmth to a room or cool down furniture pieces of wood like cherrywood.

Focal Point

A well designed room will always have one or more focal points, depending on the shape of the room or orientation of the room. Most people are drawn to a fireplace as a focal point. If you have a space like and apartment that doesn’t have a fireplace create a focal point by using a piece of furniture or piece of art. You want to draw people’s eye to a focal point for the right reasons.

| Tea light holder | Candle | Candle Holder |


Once you have all the main components established in your space, the fun continues with dressing the room with accessories.  Detailing shouldn’t be obvious but fitting to the overall feel of a room. Try to achieve your design theme with accessories that include repetition, progression, transition and contrast.  Repetition is repeating a pattern, texture or colour.  Progression is taking one element and increasing or decreasing one or more of its qualities.  Transition is when your eye naturally moves from one area to another.  Contrast by putting two elements in opposition to one another, such as velvet sofa on a marble floor.  

Try to have some balance in your space.  Ensuring that there is an equal distribution of visual weight in a room, avoiding objects that jar with your eye line.  Plants and freshly cut flowers are a great way to introduce nature and life into your space.  Candles creates a soothing and fragrance filled mood to your room.

 | Silver Etched Pot | Print Glass Heart Vase | 5 Bottle Vase Tray |

Whatever your interior style, it is important to create a comfy and homely feel to your house.  Remember the most important and interesting objects within your home are you, your family and friends.  Live in your home and create loads of lovely memories around your dining table and spend loads of time cuddling your loved ones on your sofa!

By Edelle Mellett

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