Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

A/W2017 D&G designer outfit Dolce & Gabbana Italian new collection

I have always been a fan of all things Italian, here I sit typing in this beautiful country, that on a map resembles a boot! I felt it only appropriate to look at one of the most influential Italian Designers of our time, Dolce & Gabbana and their Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection.

I started my love affair with this country while studying art history (who remembers the Medicis?), flicking through magazine photoshoots and old movies set in Italy. The climate, food, coffee, prosecco and the fashion rank high on my radar of all things wonderful. Only downside is the damn blood thirsty Mosquitos!

Fifteen years ago on a trip to Tuscany, my then fiancé and I came across a beautiful town called Montecatinni, nestled between Florence and Pisa. Perched high on a mountain top is Montecatini Alto and an 11th Century Church, which can be accessed to and from the main town by Cable Car. We both fell in love with the place. A backdrop of lush green foliage and a bustling town full of chic boutiques and restaurants – sold! We thought what a great spot to tie the knot. We took another trip back around Christmas and found the perfect venue to house our wedding party and the Hotel Manager Jean Franco took the reigns and managed our whole wedding. So thirteen years ago, we did the deed and cemented our love in a place that we now have an excuse to revisit. Now we holiday in Italy at any given chance with our little ones. My goal is to spend my later years here. I feel very at home and love the pace of life.

If I had an endless pot of money I would most definitely hit the Dolce & Gabbana store here in Venice. Nobody does opulent romance better than Dolce & Gabbana, the most iconic designer duo in the world. Dolce & Gabbana’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection showcased what the brand does best - infusing Italian charm into every black lace, leopard print, floral applique and structured cocktail dress design. I’m sure High Street Stores e.g. Zara with its lean mean operating machine are busy with reproductions and will hit stores soon. Dolce & Gabbana was established in Milan in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Leopard print, lace and a love for their native Sicily, alongside figure-hugging silhouettes and a fervently feminine undertone to each collection are all trademarks of what is now easily one of the world’s most beloved fashion houses.

Here are a few favourites I have pulled from the D&G A/W ’17 collection, it was hard to curtail my choosing as I could have selected them all. I have paired the looks with some m-use accessories to show how versatile our pieces are and that they can measure up to any top designer outfit.


This sheer black & white trimmed pussy bow tie detail classic dress with style lines emphasised in white drawing the eyeline into a narrow shilouette. Would you dare to flash so much flesh? If this was designed using a thicker fabric from the waist down it would be so wearable. Black & white a clean and stylish way to keep on trend.

| Clutch | Earrings |


This emerald green sumptuous velet cropped trouser suit. Accented with a teal blue silk tie and paired with plush pink purse and shoes with a hint of burnt orange. Plush pinks and emerald greens are a beautiful combination but equally gorgeous with golds and silvers.

| Watch | Bracelet | Wallet |


With some bold gold detailing and cropped sleeves, on the this revived box style jacket. Embroidered ruby hearts outlined with gold threads & buttons.  Themed with a fit & flare mid length skirt and accesorised with some black lace stockings. This lady is rocking Queen of Hearts.

| Bag | Earrings |


We are young – this satin body hugging black number is cinched at the waist with a corseted effect bodice with straight/diagnol straps and lace up detailing to the middle and sides of the skirt. The skirt hits just below the knee. It’s a fresh take on the lbd and paired with a pair of white bedazzled sneakers keep it fresh and on trend.

| Earrings | Watch | Necklace |


This sums up D&G perfectly, when you think you have enough lace & embellishments add some more opulence. Cream lace with a bib effect, embroidered detailing and gold buttons tucked into a heavy embroidered metallic above the knee A-line skirt. Theme with a blocky loafer and sleek hair to produce true D&G. More is more!

| Earrings | Bag |


Classic camel coat with a twist - embellished with applique roses. Last season, was all about sewn on badges with slogans and sayings on classic outwear. Pair this coat with a a romantic rose pink wrap dress. Grab your crown and you are ready to rock!

| Scarf | Earrings |


Luckily for us the high street is bombarded with feminist slogan t’shirts so this is an easy one to recreate. Black & white t’shirt, with a box jacket with intricate detailing. Paired with a slightly looser boyfriend cuffed denim jeans with embroidered detail and some equally detailed slides. Swop the slides out with some mules (I’m thiniking they are here to stay a bit longer). Over accesoriese with necklaces and a postbox red bag.

| Bracelet | Earrings | Necklace |


Not for the faint hearted. Ruffles and sheer lace with pop through black lingerie, tucked into a structured wrap skirt with leather trimmings and exposed seems to the waist and side panel and hem.

| Necklace | Wallet |


Black shift dress never dates and this languid fabric with embellished and embroidered details contrasts against a peaky lace collar. Simple Mary Janes and add some classic jewellery.

| Earrings | Clutch |


Slightly darker emerald green is a nice change from black. This covered up shift hangs from the shoulders. Simple with the right amount of detailing to the hemline and cuffs. The cuffs are trimmed with a three inch gathered frill and the embroidered roses and neckline are the perfect finishing touches to this simple elegant piece.

| Earrings | Clutch |


This denim look has an interesting finish, distressed at the knees, slightly looser fit and extra distressing being used as a design feature that gives us the impression of embellishments. Themed with a fire engine red belt, black & white t’shirt, luxorious structured military style embroidered jacket. Pop on the accessories, crown & rose and fluffy slides and off you go.

| Wallet | Necklace |


The Mum and Mini Me look is always well received, how could you not love a Mother and Daughter collabroation. Tanned skin, jet black hair and a ruby rouge red lipstick and everything else is just a bonus. This sumptuous velet shilouette is a classic, hugging all the right areas. Sweet heart neckline and the eye is drawn into the waist with gold embroidered detailing. Full sleeve bolero with rose detailing and a simple black pump. Mini Me is wearing a simple shift embroidered piece with a pair of Mary Janes. Perfection!

| Earrings | Necklace | Bracelet |


Age is but a number and this lady is evident of that fact. This is the full compliment featuring the best accesory a woman could have a four legged companion. This off the shoulder with exposed straps, fits snuggly right below the knee, covered arms to the wrist. Hair swept back and exposing your décolletage with a statement neckpiece. Truly demure and elegant!

| Necklace | Clutch |

After all that writing I'm going to take it easy and as the saying goes, “when in Rome do as the Roman’s do”. So I’m going to drink coffee for breakfast, prosecco for lunch & dinner while eating pasta & pizza, while soaking up the sunshine and killing a few pesky mosies!


By Edelle Mellett

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    Another great post Edelle. We’re just back from Venice ourselves and the Mosquitos got us too ?
    Enjoy the rest of your hol ?

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