At m-use, we love our coffee. This is one beverage that Sacha and I are always on the same page and up for. We start most of our meetings with that essential cup of coffee and oh god, it has to be good coffee. It improves our meetings, productivity and thinking. That’s the line we are going with!

My love for coffee started back in my twenties when I worked and travelled around Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and USA. I worked in KPMG in Sydney and they had a building of 26 floors but as you entered the building on the ground floor, there sat, the busiest floor and coffee house. Each morning I would grab my skinny cappuccino, extra hot and one sugar (I know, why bother with the skinny milk) with my melted butter on raisin toast and make my way up satisfied with my food haul. In New Zealand, Wellington had some of the best coffee and coffee houses. If only, I had come back to Ireland and opened a coffee house, if only!

So drinking coffee at home no probs, but I do like a coffee on the go and it bridges the gap for me but I started to feel guilty about the number of cups I probably drink out of and dispose of just as quick. So I decided to buy myself a coffee cup for 'on the go' and to alleviate some of my guilt. The problem was I’d find a pretty cool cup and after a few uses, I would start to find problems e.g. difficulties attaching the lid, leaky lids, after taste from switching beverages, unsuitable for dishwasher use (which doesn’t work for me), it wouldn’t fit in the cup holder in the car (most important as my car is my second house). Basically, you can see where this is going, I was poking holes in every product.

So along comes Ecoffee Cup with its simple, no nonsense design, inspiring ethos and components that make for a very sustainable cup carrier. All the boxes ticked. And while the coffee might keep me awake at night, at least I can sleep in peace knowing that one less disposable cup is going to be sitting in the landfill.


"The Cup Stops Here"

Very few people know it, but 2017 marks a somewhat dubious 30th anniversary: that of the modern single-use “paper” cup. In three short decades, an estimate of over 2 trillion of them have ended up in landfill – oh, in case you’re wondering, that’s 2,000,000,000,000.

The average lifespan of a single-use cup is 13 minutes – and due to their plastic content less than 1% get recycled.

So, in what could only be described as the understatement of the century, ECoffee cup felt there was an appetite for change!  They passionately maintain that recycling is not the answer; instead, they can only institute real change with your help. In this enlightened era, there really is no excuse for single-use. That’s why ECoffee Cup created their cup.


Statistics can be boring but 100,000,000,000 single-use cups end up as landfill each year. All those zeroes are pretty hard to ignore right? So that’s why the creators at Ecoffee Cup made a cup that is not from plastic, ceramic or stainless steel, but with one of the planets fastest-growing, most sustainable resources: naturally organic, naturally sterile bamboo fibre. Light, bright and beautiful to drink from, with no plasticty after taste, Ecoffee Cup truly is The Natural Reusable.

No Excuses for Single-Use

Remember these are not only extremely stylish and cool but they are functional, while reducing extra waste.  These cups make for an excellent present for any HOT beverage user or just for yourself!


| Coffee Cup |


| coffee cup | lola bag |


| coffee cup | olivia bag |


| coffee cup | necklace |


| coffee cup |

At m-use, we have strong feelings about the current state of the environment and have come up with a few ideas, we will keep you posted on our progress.

So what you waiting for, grab one of our cups and fill it with something hot and tasty and away you go!


By Edelle Mellett

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